International English Language Test System - IELTS is an International examination conducted by Cambridge University globally to assess the capability of the candidates in terms of their knowledge, attitude etc. The IELTS examinations are based on logical, critical comprehensive analysis, assertiveness, leadership, qualities, excellent command over the communication skills and brilliant command over English language. The IELTS examinations are given more importance by all the nations of the world and in some countries, treated as an equivalent to TOEFL + GRE. The IELTS examinations are held in Two Modules: General: This exam is simpler test. It focuses on basic survival skills in social and educational contexts. It is generally requested for candidates applying for immigrations, working in certain professions, or studying at a non-degree level. Academic: It is the more advanced test. This version is generally used to determine whether candidates are qualified to enroll in undergraduate and graduate academic programs where English is the medium of instructions. Each modules are held in 4 divisions they are :  Reading  Writing  Listening  Speaking

* Training completion certificate will be issued with performance appraisal which will be useful for candidate, if the ultimate score is not to the expected level! *